PROJECT BOYS2MEN - Turning Negative Today’s into Positives Tomorrow’s
Is the President and Founder of Project Boys2Men Mentoring Organization in Oklahoma City, OK. Established in 2007.
Leander (Mr. Lee) has lived a tumultuous life and has been incarcerated through some of his adult years, but his strength, courage, determination, and perseverance have made him into the Man of God he is today. He is an entrepreneur and  an exceptional motivational speaker, full of life and passion. He encourages men to take control of their lives, grow to their full potential, and to live life boldly, exploring every option set before them with fierce determination.
Mr. Lee  is an extraordinary mentor to teenagers and young adult men in his community. He has a God given passion for youth and is determined to use his gifts and talents to make an impact on our current and future generations. He is a certified intervention specialist, and also serves as Youth Pastor at his church with a desire to take their ministries to the next level.
In Conclusion
In America they have began to talk of troubled children as “throw-away children” who can be less fortunate than those who may have a stronger foundation.. Project Boys2Men is determined to change these views by providing mentoring to every child regardless of their ethnicity, background or religion. We look forward to making a positive impact on our generation and generations to come.
Leander K. Williams
CEO/ Founder


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